Hey there, My name is Siamak. I’m a Product—Designer & JS—Developer , focused on web / mobile apps.

I’m passionate about creating products with a great structure. It helps digital brands move to the next level and increase bussniess outcome. I’m also building apps for web/mobile tailored to products’ needs. Working together with team members to get all the features.





I enjoy working with companies to bring their ideas to life. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with global tech companies, disruptive startups and governments alike.

Iran Data Center

Soon! Landing, UX Design, Next.js, Data Visualization, React, Dashboard

Jeans West

Soon! UI Design

Hamrah Card

See it online. Watch App, UX Design, Micro Animation, Wireframe, Illustration

EN Bank

See it online. Micro Animation, Wireframe, UX Design, Watch App


See it online. React Native, UX design, Micro Animation

Cedar Maps

See it online. jQuery, Landing, CSS Modules, UI Design, Redux

Cinema Ticket

See it online. Front-end, Preact, Usability Testing, UI design, UX Design

Snapp! site

See it online. UI design, Jade, Scss, Wordpress, Landing, Front-end

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ABR Landing page — Sphere
ABR Landing page — Dark Theme
ABR Landing page — Dark Theme
ABR Landing page
Dark Mode • Real Estate
Real Estate — Interface Components
Real Estate — Interface Components
HostAid – Manage rental properties

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